Bland and Relative Tastelessness

I didn’t wake up this morning with a boring equation inside my head.  I didn’t bother to rouse the Einstein in me.   I’m not even aware there was one.  I felt my usual regular bland.


Earlier today, I got off the elevator with 2 other persons.  One was a coworker, while the other was a random stranger you get to encounter in the lift in the daily go-to-the-office routine.  As bad luck would have it, the random guy slipped on the corridor and fell with a LOUD thud.  It was loud enough for my coworker and I to turn and look at what happened. The random guy quickly picked himself up and quickly went inside the door leading to the stairwell.  The old kidder and unkind part of me wanted to laugh – LAUGH OUT LOUD.  In that part of my unserious mind, how often does bad luck like that happen?

But hey, it’s all relative.  What’s bad luck for some maybe a regular thing for some other people.  Take the case of poor people in the country, some rummage through the trash for a meal on a daily basis.  I won’t call that bad luck.  It is what it is.  It is what it is, especially in the minds of the trapped in that kind of existence.

It’s all relative.  Try asking someone getting a boob job how life is.  Try asking how life is for someone spending alone time in the mall.


In unrelated tasteless thinking, as I was about to dig into lunch, someone kidded me about my usual fare.  Someone followed it up with a “You are what you eat” quote.  I almost agreed, as I looked at the jumbo sausage rice meal I was about to have, until I saw that there was only one egg that went with it.


Tasteless.  At one point in our existence, we all are deliciously tasteless.  Your bland could be a relatively delicious aspiration next to rotten everyday fare.


I can sense someone telling me tomorrow to have some stronger coffee.


Stupid.  Go figure.



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