Unlimited Limitations

A brilliant thought flashed in my mind as I recalled the film Limitless.  What if we were indeed LIMITLESS?  One pop of a fancy pill and everything will be within grasp.  How much would one pay for such an ability?  I wouldn’t know how much to fork out for that and wouldn’t know if I’d really want that. Knowing myself, I might try to do something like try to fly by flapping both of my arms.  I can be unlimitedly stupid at times.  Well, most of the time, REALLY.

A friend asked me earlier why I haven’t been active in some circles lately.  I promptly replied that I’m around, just lurking in the shadows.  I just didn’t have anything worthwhile to say so I chose to shut up — for months.  Maybe I overdid my understanding of “what is essential is invisible to the eye.”  By shutting up, I became invisible.  Essentially, not a lot of people know me now.  I mean, not that getting a lot of attention really matters.  Well, maybe at times.

For today’s oddly freakish deflated sense of self, someone  suggested that I eat more rice.  I ate more rice than the usual today, that was before I heard that piece of advice.  Now I feel bloated and limited.




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