Titles: Royalty, National and Official

Why are we crazy about titles?  Do people like to brand things just for the heck of it?

I remember Hanford — the Official Briefs of the PBA.  I don’t know how that worked out for them.  The players didn’t come out playing just with their briefs on.  Then there’s Manny Pacquiao — Pambansang Kamao.  Maybe we should refer to his sparring partners as the National Punching Bags.

If we’re just branding because we want to, we can really push the number of titles we give to things and make them trivial and of no value.   Whether it’s national or official, brands will still die.  Like, how many National Artists do I know?  I don’t wear Hanfords.


In something not related to the point above…

Yesterday, Dolphy, the King of Comedy of the Philippines passed away.  At the age of 83 and with 64 years in showbiz, I’ll bet a month’s salary that he lived a full life.  I am sure that the fans, the industry and his familia will miss him.

As I read Twitter last night, I chanced upon one tweet that mentioned something alluding to the actor’s aversion to be called a “king” or King of Comedy.  He simply wanted to be referred to as a comedian.  If that was true, then he must really be a humble person.  I also remember him being asked about entering politics.  I forgot the exact words, but I think it went “Paano kung manalo?” (What if I won?).  From where I stand, he surely appears as a man secure in himself and his standing in society that he saw NO further need to add more titles to his name.

Now that he’s gone, I bet some people will revive the issue of making Dolphy a National Artist.  I’ve already seen a post like that one on Facebook post this morning.  I don’t know how those titles are given, really, but won’t it be in bad taste to keep forcing it? Filipinos will fondly remember Dolphy with or without it that title.  I think it’s better to publicize it once the title is to be given, and not appear to be begging for it.  Publicly campaigning for someone cheapens the title and the name of the person.  In this case, it will cheapen the name of a humble and VERY SUCCESSFUL comedian, showbiz royalty, who just passed away.  Why drag his name through intrigue?



  1. Yes, I agree. Even here in the US, they brand anybody a hero. The guy who threw the winning shot in a basketball game is a hero. The guy who managed to get the cat that was stuck in a tree was a hero. So, what do you call the person who gave up his life for another? A freaking god?

    1. Um, a corpse. 😛 Kiddin’ Seriously, I think there’s too much focus on creating buzz for whatever reason. That’s why there’s too much effort on branding one such and such. Too many medals given out make them common.

      Anyway, how was Europe?

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