Trouble, Other Things and the Concept of Value

My old boss once told me that the trouble with assumptions is it makes an ass out of you and me.  Well, this is what I think.  Assumptions with minimal basis, backed up by faulty data, just makes one an ass.  I don’t know about making an ass out of the other person.  That’s unless the other person buys the faulty assumption 100% and puts those into practice — yikes!  There’s really a lot of sense not buying your own BS.


Only publications are meant to have issues.  If you have volumes, better stop and check what’s happening.  This was what I thought after I saw someone address a post on Facebook as “to my friends who are having issues.”  Talk about pulling the trigger on a high-probability shotgun.  It makes sense, actually.   I think a lot of depressed people do go online and post shit.  Some even post problems and try to get advice.  Me?  I’m just bored most of the time.   Convenient excuse, isn’t it?  Although, sometimes, some of those issues you read and hear on the radio are quite, for lack of a better word, shallow.


I read on Twitter last night from a certain comedian, how come the pregnant wife gets rubbed on the tummy and gets congratulated.  Nobody rubs the husband’s balls.  Frankly, I found it moderately amusing and 100% stupid.  First, we aren’t dogs, at least not 100% of the time.  Second, my balls don’t swell-up for 9 months.  While getting in the productive seed is half the process, carrying the child for 9 months isn’t  exactly easy.  So, imho, the female should get all the praise for that feat.


Revenge is a dish best served cold.  I wonder where’s the rest of the recipe.  It has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but that thought popped into mind.  I recall someone telling me about thugs for hire the other day.  Maybe it was an unconscious mental trigger.  Thugs for hire, sounds like a very profitable business venture this coming 2013.


My other old boss once told me this about assumptions:  Let the consumers make that mistake.  It will give us an opportunity to make another story.


Not sure about the value of going through a lot of trouble.  Does it make you love love something more?  As we pile up the trophies, do we obsess about the details of how we got each one?

All I know about value is this:  You can determine something’s value if you’ve experienced life with and without it.  I know the value of food and money.  I also know the value of good company.  I also know that a lot of dirty old men have an exact peso value for that.  😛


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