At the Shallow End

Someone asked me the other night if I was in deep soul searching or if I was just in a shallow phase.  I replied, “Shallower, I don’t want to drown yet.”

We all try to cling to the sides of a raging wave pool, grasping for a semblance of control.  We let go from time to time only to find ourselves flapping our arms to cling to the sides.

Shallow is a way of life.  It demands that you do not take things seriously.  It also demands that you do not take the risk of letting go to get out of the norm.



  1. Well, sometimes shallow is easy and peaceful, and sometimes deep is rich and powerful. Both are exhausting if you don’t want to be there.

    That is “deep” thinking, eh?

  2. “Shallow is a way of life. It demands that you do not take things seriously”

    I think I will agree… there are so many little things to be happy about…simple things…

    And the more we laugh at silly jokes and at nonsense rhymes, we give ourselves a longer life span…

    Hi Brianitus!

    1. Yes. You know, sometimes we take a lot of things too seriously. However, I also see it as a form of escape. It’s a denial to entertain alternatives. It’s taking whatever there is in front of you.

      Thanks for dropping by, honey! Thanks for the comment.


      1. Life is heavy with all its complications…

        We can drown in uncontrolled situations…

        Its a good thing we can stop and think…

        And coffee we must drink….

        You are welcome!

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