Hey, blog! How are you doing?

Hey! The universal greeting.  Hi and hello usually follow.

Hey, Joe!  Hey, Juan! Hey, everyone!

Hey! Universally speaking, everything should be unbound and just plain shallow.

Hey! Stretch your imagination a bit.  There should be more to follow after three letters.

Hey!  You’re a blip, a bleep, a glitch.



  1. Here in the US, sometimes we just say, Hey, and then the other guy will say Hey….. for some reason, it can mean a lot, depending on one’s mood. Saying Hey is good enough for me.

    Hey !

      1. We hope so, Brian ! ! But, we’ve been delaying the construction of the duplex in Boracay. We’ve used up some amount from the construction project on our Euro trip. Aaargh.

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