It’s really important to tell you this but…

…a closed mouth catches no flies.

I picked that up from the latest blog post from JoeAm.  He picked that up from Don Quixote, I mean the fly catching part.

“But not a snitch!”  That was what Col. Slade said towards the conclusion of the movie “Scent of a Woman.”

Silence in buckets can be a good thing.


I do get interesting snippets of wisdom and knowledge from all over.  The problem is putting them into practice, like making my own organic roach repellent.  A contact said that the best form of organic control is a good pair of rubber shower flip-flops.  Damn those incredibly light Havaianas and Ipanemas.   Obviously, this had nothing to do with the first part of what I wrote.

The flip-flop sandal, worn both by men and women

The deadly flip-flops.  Hated by roaches in the Philippines.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Silence follows…


Sometimes people can be like super reliable flip-flops.  You step into them.  You go to battle with them.  Eventually, they do get worn-out.  The main difference is you don’t put any sentimental value on flip-flops.



  1. Brian, I notice Filipinos do love flip flops. Everytime I get to watch something on the Philippines, the ordinary people walking around are wearing flipflops. Is that part of culture, like the thais wearing sandals ?

    1. Oh, yeah. Pinoys love flip-flops. Personally, I love that open-toe footwear became super popular. It also spawned foot spas/salons. A lot more lovely looking feet today compared to before. Hehehe.

        1. Hahaha. Hmmm, poisonous toadstools and psychotropics. I see the distinction.

          Hey, glad you’re here, Joe. I noticed in your blog today that a lot of people posted comments on the books. I remember you mentioning something before that was like whenever you wrote about books, hardly anyone said anything. I guess you’re really hitting your market now.

          1. Yeah, educated old people in Australia, mainly. Youngsters have short attention spans. They dig the blog for about a month or two then to back to their X-box. I’m glad you’re not like that.

            1. Aye. I also have a short attention span, really. I do admit that once something gets a hold of my attention, I don’t break off the engagement so quickly.

  2. That Joe Am guy is nuts. Hypocritical blowhard, always irritating people. Relationships are like flowers, I’d say. They pop up, grow, blossom beautifully, then fade or fall off. Some come back next year. Some don’t

    1. Hey, crazy old man Joe.

      Relationships are more like mushrooms. Some are poisonous. Some are edible. Some go great with just olive oil and a bit of pan toasted garlic…

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