Learning to Say No

I used to think that getting people to say yes was really super important.  To get to yes, one is bound to give a lot of …er…yeses. There are instances that one is bound to throw in a no, but that does not happen a lot.

How can one say no to an irresistible persuasive force?  That seems to be more of a challenge than getting people to agree.

I say No to me, and all the trappings of low EQ.


I just said No to my self-serving self-promoting public self and have elected to go invisible, for an extended period of time.  I realized that I’ve been pushing myself and my self-proclaimed uniqueness at everyone.

Like, who the heck bloody cares about what I think of anyway?



  1. It’s hard for me to say No to salesmen, especially those who knock on doors, so does my mother, so we always push dad to open the door , ha ha ha. Od dad os not around, we don’t open the door and pretend there’s no one home. Here in the US, so many knock on doors, and the mist irritating are the religious ones,. Am I off tangent? o.Oa

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