On Perfection and Wearing Protective Headgear

I started writing a different entry later but I just couldn’t press publish just yet.  I wanted it to be perfect.  For some reason, I had an urge to make it perfect.  What is perfect, really?

I’ve oftentimes said that something is perfect for me, a person is perfect or ideal for some purpose.  Still, how did I come up with that conclusion?  If I look back at things and people, I start to notice that I largely ignored some attributes and features in order to come up with that conclusion that it is perfect or that someone is ideal.

So, what then is that state of perfection?

Perfect is when you decide to accept the imperfections as things that are part of the package.  When you decide that one thing is perfect you are in temporary state of insanity, permanency is an option.  It is exactly the same reason why I think that is why people should wear helmets regularly.  A blow to the head can make one realize that something or someone is not exactly perfect.



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