Rethinking Why I Blog

From the time I started this blog, I never thought of doing anything else with it.  This blog is still a personal blog for me with occasional sprinklings of politics, food and bad stabs at poetry and humor.  I already have my share of regular visitors who aren’t too confused with some of the things I put here.  I also found out that some of my friends, relatives and co-workers from the real world found this personal space of mine (if I wasn’t shoving it hard at their faces).  I guess what I’m trying to say is “Thanks for reading.”  I am more than grateful that I get to share my thoughts and, er…feelings with you.  I dream of making you all dig deep into your innermost thoughts like how magic mushrooms will make you see otherworldly stuff.

More than a couple of years back I wrote a piece on why I put my thoughts here in WordPress.  In a brief rundown, I made several points for myself.  These were  No other point but to just make this space a parking lot for all those good things and rotten things that seem to distract me.  In a way, it is more of a notebook of lost ideas.

Rethinking that point, is it time to make this space or time for me to have a purpose-driven blog?  I’ve been a frequent visitor of blogs.  In a recent visit to JoeAm’s blog, I read how he classified the different types of bloggers out there.  Personally, I’ll put myself as a blogger who has nothing else better to do — if it isn’t that obvious already.  I can’t be an expert or a purveyor of ground-breaking thought.  I am just one in the sea of millions, swimming in anonymity, basking in invisibility and talking to hands and fingers stroking keyboards.

Am I content to just fade away as the Invisible Man with bow tie?  I used to be the smiling monkey.  Somehow that smile became a little more conservative.  Blame it on a loss of aggressiveness, I think.  Blame it on something else, maybe.  Blame me? Positively.

I still solidly believe that I write on this space a lot when something is bugging me.  I noticed I didn’t write anything for the entire month of February ’til almost the end of March.  I guess I wasn’t really thinking or maybe I was caught in an unbelievable state of “f**k the rest of the world, I’m busy being happy.”  Looking back, I really don’t know what went on back in that period.  Hey, I didn’t write down what went on those days for the whole world to read about.  Things shouldn’t always be made public, even in the state of anonymity.

I guess I’ll end this piece with a note and a question to myself:  Why do you do it?



    1. Nah, I do believe that people aren’t naturally boring. Sure, they can be uninteresting at times, but not all of the time. It depends on who’s looking and what he/she is looking for.

      Frankly, given enough time, I can probably find good points in everyone I meet.

      In your case, you’re a tough case to prove as boring. All that travel? Come on, kiddo.

      1. Well, ever wondered why I blog once a month, or twice, if I’m lucky ? Even with so much to talk about because of my trip, I couldn’t even make it at least 3 x a month. My life is so routine, day in and day out. I need some excitement in life, eh ? ha ha ha ! Yeah ! Oh well.

  1. “I am just one in the sea of millions, swimming in anonymity, basking in invisibility and talking to hands and fingers stroking keyboards.”

    Interesting, I see you as uniquely perceptive and aware of the quirkiness in which you wander. Rather unlike the anonymous millions. You remind me of me of when I was young. This was before computers so I would put my thoughts and pen to paper and write poems or nonsense, trying to find balance among the emotional tugs of life and love and work and family and friends. It helped me organize my thoughts and, more important, my emotions.

    I could not discern a reason, other than it was like flushing the intellectual/emotional toilet. A very important thing, if you think about it.

    1. Hey, Uncle Joe.

      Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t so aware of the quirks and wore blinders like race horses. Too much introspection can be a bad thing, you know.

      I’ll draw the line at saying that I’ve grown to dislike observing people and their predictability, including my own.

      I’m sure glad I have my flush still working.

      1. Hmmmm. I agree too much introspection can become self-absorption, or drive one up the neurotic wall. But the greater risk for most is not enought introspection, where that introspection is done maturely and knowledgeably. Like, there is no market in the Philippines for psychotherapists. Most introspection is done whilst reading Cosmo, for the women. Men . . . never, it contradicts “macho”.

        Flush on, brother, flush on!

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