Seriously? A Low EQ Moment Story

About the same time last year, our family went out to dinner at the local mall.  I remember hearing a mom at the next table call her kid “Aragorn.”  Like, seriously?  Aragorn?  We used to have cats named Sauron and Saruman, and both are probably dead now.  Typical behavior among male pusa-kals (stray cats) is they leave the house and hardly ever return.  Well, they didn’t come back.  I am not sure if Aragorn is bound to run away from their home, too.

Speaking of dead cats, I saw on Facebook earlier that someone’s 13-year old cat did not come home.  The owner  assumed that it is dead and has gone to, and I quote, “Pussy heaven.”  That must be really heavenly.


Okay…back to productive thinking.



  1. the ‘pussy heaven’ post is my brother’s. and the name of the dead cat is imaginatively, may-may – because we are sick and tired of calling our cats ming-ming, and muning.

  2. Well Aragorn isn’t a bad name! I’d actually want to name one of my future daughters Galadriel! Lmao.
    Back when we didn’t have a dog stray cats used to come to our yard. They’ve all gone now. I hope some of them made it to “Pussy heaven”!

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment here.

      Okay. Lets make an exception for Galadriel. 🙂 As for Aragorn, just as long as he doesn’t grow up thinking he can slice up orcs and goblins, he’ll be okay. Imho, female names tend to stay in fashion longer than male names. I’m guessing we’re in the age of Britney and Cristina now. That’s assuming some girls born in the 90s were named after namesake pop icons. Imagine this: in 14 years you might run into someone named Lady Gaga Dimagiba.

      1. Haha Idk, kids these days are named as randomly as ever. We Filipinos like Anglo-Saxon names! I actually wrote a blog entry about names once. Haha. Woe to that girl who will be named Lady Gaga Dimagiba :p

        1. Ah, yeah. Anglo-Saxon names, we Pinoys are fond of that. Mine’s Celtic in origin, picked up from a sad movie in the 70s. Too bad my dad didn’t like Black Sabbath.

          I’m also glad that my dad didn’t pick up the habit of inserting Hs in names. Otherwise, you might be reading bhrianitus right now.

          And woe to Lady Gaga Dimagiba. nuts.

          Have a great Sunday.

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