The Logic of Long Legs

Earlier, a friend mentioned to me on Facebook that she had to walk a few kilometers to work today.  Pity, no one was around to pick her up.  I casually replied that it wasn’t an issue because she has long legs.  And the banter went on a few more lines.

Seriously, is there really some logic to having long legs?

I remember an old conversation I had with a friend a few months back, mostly about conditioned/evolved human responses.  In that conversation, we dabbled a bit on why men react positively towards big female chest areas and hip areas.  Guessing as to why, we surmised that those features relate to mothering ability, a continuity of the bloodline thing.  It could’ve been an evolved response through generations of humans trying to establish its presence on this earth.  I mean, it can’t be some shallow reason.  If it was a just a squeeze men were after, then they’d be better off having teddy bears around and a lot of Kleenex ..just don’t mind the perverted mess.  Then again, the bears won’t squeeze back.

As to my question, why are long legs attractive?

My dumb guess goes like this:

In the old days, when people were in danger and were being chased by wild animals, the ones with the longer legs were able to run faster and hide faster.  The longer legs can also be associated with survival of the family.

…and now, back to productive thinking.



  1. Hahaha.. Creative!! All too often our brains work by habit: we find ourselves thinking in old familiar ways, applying logic that has worked adequately for us in the past.

    Long legs are attractive if they are flawless with great skin tone. Well, most of the time. I will not waste my time looking to a long legged woman who have skin disease 😛

    Having long legs are asset lolz 😛 and I know one who do have a very nice legs.

    To your good friend who had walk a few kilometers- good for her, she was able to used her asset.

    I agree with your Mr. Joe that “Guys have drive” Good thing I was able to caught the drift of my guy, “currently not worrying with my deficiencies”. Soon maybe..

    Some guys are pre-historic thinkers, if a lady do have a huge chest, it matters! Does it? Maybe. (being defensive, you know the reason :P) but I have alternatives.. “The love handles” hahahaha…

    Good thing you preferred long legs:)

  2. Well, Junior, I see you need counseling again from your elders.

    It’s all cultural rather than genetic, which means inherently shallow, even tending toward irrelevance. Like I don’t like heavy girls, but Mexicans do, and certain Africans like their women with big discs crammed into their lips, which I would find un-fun to kiss. I always thought big boobs to be rather unwieldly and tending toward droop and prefer the French and their champagne glasses, but I know huge is hugely attractive to a lot of guys.I rather hold that long legs are sensual because there is an arrow that goes from the toes to the fork in the road and the length of the arrow represents is a seductive tease to the trip upward.

    Skinny legs look long on short people, so height is irrelevant, and all is illusion . . .

    I’m reminded of the line uttered by the drunken Harrison Ford character in”Six Days and Seven NIghts” that went something like, “Ya wanna know how to make a guy horny?”

    Asked the snobbish Anne Hesche character with raised eyebrow, “How?”

    “Ya jus show up!”

    All the effort of the stylists is irrelevant. Guys have drive, if you catch my drift. All else is vanity.

    You may not be thinking productively, but you are thinking interestingly . . . Best blog I’ve read since the Corona trial. Everyone else is so hopelessly political . . .

    1. Hey, Uncle Joe!

      You can say that I’m trying to liberate a few brain cells for Monday. Just shocking the spiders out of their cobwebs.

      I guess the discs-on-lips kissing thing might as well be a full episode of Mission: Impossible for most people.

      And yeah, “Yah just show up!” Hahaha.

      and thanks for the counseling, Uncle Joe.

      Oh, I forgot. i didn’t really mean genetic evolution. I wanted to point out how preference can evolve. 🙂 Beer-fueled anthropology for you.

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