What Matters Most to You, Boy?

Hercules fighting the Nemean Lion. Detail of T...

Beating some felines might be too Herculean in nature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good friend of mine asked me how come I stopped updating my blog. I said that I was simply being realistic about it since I could not see anything interesting or depressing enough to write about. I also felt that I was slipping because of  constant unrealistic expectations. I have my share of personal issues that I deal with on a daily basis that I wrestle with the same tenacity as Hercules beating the crap out of the Nemean Lion. A pussy gone wild is certainly almost unmanageable, like a bad case of psoriasis…and that has nothing to do with the rest of what follows.

Scene: coffee shop inside a relatively upscale shopping mall in Metro Manila, which again has nothing to do with the rest of what follows.

Aside from reminding me about keeping things simple, a wise old man asked me what I value in life.  He asked, “What do you think is the most important thing in the world? I want to see how much you appreciate the things around you.” I replied, “For me, it is the miracle of waking up every morning to face the day.” For him, it was a great answer but definitely not the right one.

I asked what it was and it was the simplest of answers, from probably one of the oldest jokes ever known to mature Filipino drinking men. It was…a hole.

Why on earth is a hole important?


Manhole (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

1) We breathe through our nostrils – holes. We smell through holes. We appreciate the pleasant and hate the odors because of holes.
2) We see the beauty of the world through holes – our eyes.
3) We sustain ourselves with food that pass through our mouth.
4) We pass gas through one.
5) We come in to this world through one and we ultimately end up in one. Oh, and we’re made in a hole.
6) Speech passes through a hole and is heard through a hole, including nagging remarks and expressions of loving thoughts meant to drive men insane.

Holes, you’ve gotta to love ’em.  I love ’em to bits.  This week is Hole-y.


Update: The wise old man passed away October 20, 2016.  Thanks for telling me about the magic of holes. May his soul rest in peace.



    1. Hi, Ravindra.

      Thanks for dropping by and being kind enough to leave a comment.

      Yes. Sometimes we do miss a few things. It helps to keep it simple and have an open mind.

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