Spin and Silver Linings

One of my closest friends looks terrific in classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, as in she looks hot wearing them (sucking up here). Personally, I find those too dark for me and doesn’t fit my round shaped face (being realistic here). I have squarish looking glasses that are polarized, no glare and I can see even in low light conditions without me looking like a blind man. While some friends refer to those glasses as being “congressional” in appearance, as in I kind of look like a corrupt Philippine congressman in a bad action movie or drama, I have nothing against wearing these in public. I guess it is more of utility rather than “looks” that is more important to me.

How we view things, perspective — attitude, if you must — is quite important. I overheard a street cleaner complaining about what she does for a living. She says that seeing dirt is the “story of her life” and hates it like it was one of the nine levels of hell. Attitude, I’ll call it “spin.” How do we put a spin on things to make them more appealing and tasteful?

Ray Ban Wayfarers

Not rose tinted.  It works just as well.  (Ray Ban Wayfarers. Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I OD’d on Happy Meals, I would probably tell that street cleaner to buck up, keep her chin up and say “I am leaving a cleaner world behind after every time I decide to do my job. That is the story of my life.” I could also go with a slightly different “Zen” angle — “I clean and remove clutter. I free your mind from distraction.”

While I am still high, I will probably go off and tell some other people to feel nicer about themselves:

1. A toilet cleaner would probably tell himself that “I make the nasty stuff go down easier” or “I erase tracks of the past.”

2. On the extreme side of things, a stalker could probably serve as a living reminder for someone that he or she isn’t all that undesirable. Um, bad example.

3. Again on the extreme side of things, the person being stalked could serve as a living reminder for a stalker that he or she should immediately seek psychiatric help. Hey, we all break at some point. I feel you.

4. A lone toll booth teller at the far end of a lonely highway could have an upside by thinking he or she isn’t one of the persons I just mentioned above. There is always almost a silver lining to a bad situation you are in.

Silver linings, right. I saw the Silver Linings Playbook a couple of weekends ago. I felt that I had a strong connection with the main character played by Bradley Cooper. Not that I am an undiagnosed bipolar, which some people suggested to me, I feel like I am also trapped in a situation where I am lost trying to find a silver lining. Hey, we all end up in a rut at some point, right? There is a silver lining. I could always suggest that I look like Bradley Cooper on a bad day, but that’ll mean I’m really in need of psychiatric help.

Back to siesta time. It’s a holiday.



        1. Yep. I just let the small things pass. Don’t worry. 🙂

          As for you, just take it easy. You’ll get there. It’s kind of like your vacation photos. You have a LOT of them but you’re managing to post everything. 🙂

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