Misplaced Irritation

What better way to spend a Black Saturday evening than to watch the latest episode of The Following, a week-delayed view of The Walking Dead and a more-than-three-month old SNL episode.

Sure, some might say that I would have been better off at a religious vigil somewhere in some old church in some old province. I just didn’t feel like squeezing in with a bunch of other people with the same idea. Besides, I think much of the religious events are getting far to be too commercial — that’s for a different writeup. And again, if I did go out, the chances of me binging on some other substances would be higher.  I’ll take TV, stay home, and sort of stay away from the stuff I abuse. Lousy excuse for a Catholic, right?


In the The Following, Claire finally gives in to her motherly instincts and allows herself to be taken to Joe and son Joey. Jacob is officially psycho, more psycho than he previously was which was tame psycho. You’ll get it if you watch the show. Jacob just could not get over the fact that Emma left him and Paul, AND the fact that he had to kill Paul.

In The Walking Dead, Rick finally decides that it’s much better to leave the next major decision to a vote. After all, he’s sort of going psycho too. Rick still hasn’t gotten over his wife’s death. He’s gotten so much more paranoid. After all, there aren’t many walking humans around and the only other ones left are trying to kill them.

In Saturday Night Live, I happened to catch a December 2012 (Christmas) episode and sort of loved the Weekend Update which featured “The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party.”  I can’t really describe why I found this entertaining, so here’s a link to a video clip I found on YouTube (from generalkilroy1).

While I found that character funny, it struck me, there are real people who are like that in real life and they’re not just girls AND not all have that irritating tone of voice. You’ll come across some wannabe know-it-all people you’d wish you’d get to run over and be hailed a hero afterwards. Come to think of it, we all get to become irritating at some point. Bouts of misplaced passion will do that to a person, know-it-all or not.

Points of reference, you’re most likely irritating:

1. If you are the type of person who would want to carry on a debate on whose turn it is to do the dishes like it was a new tax law affecting everyone in the civilized world. Like, just do what you’re supposed to do and complain later. Complaining just before you have to do something already agreed on just to find a way to squirm out of it is just so…

2. If you tend to adopt and twist some portions of ideologies to support your argument that you should not do the dishes. Like, thinking about which points to use in an argument would probably take the same amount of time to do the dishes.

3. If you want to end up screwing up everyone else’s day just because you wanted to have an argument on who should do the dishes. The approximate time that everyone is angry as hell is about the same time needed to finish doing the dishes.

Misplaced passion, wasted time, screw that. The point is, we should pick the battles we fight. If we all put the same priority and value to everything around us, we’ll all end up very much confused. You may be the smartest and most gifted person on the planet. However, if you don’t know when and how to use those talents, you’re still going to end up useless. Even the Bible says there’s a time for every purpose under Heaven.

Cooling down. After all, it is a holiday.  I don’t want to end up as the guy you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with on WordPress.


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