Kind(er) Words

“I am not ugly.”  Those words made my friend laugh as she drove me to my next destination. Not that she disagrees with that opinion, but she was poking fun at how I viewed myself.  Surely, I won’t be conceited enough to pass myself off as a blessing to behold to those with 20/20 vision.  And surely, I won’t be too sure of myself whenever I have an unsavory comment about someone else, like one about that old lady wearing age-inappropriate clothing I saw last night.  I’ll reserve those for another drinking session.

I think unkind opinions deserve some rest.

I think that…

Instead of saying someone is ugly, one can say “misunderstood beauty.”  It’s all relative.  Maybe I can casually refer to myself as “unconventionally handsome.” Well, one can say that one looks like “a work of art.”  Just don’t mention that it’s like one of those pieces that Picasso did or some sculpture that you can’t really make out what it’s supposed to be.

I think that…



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