A Few Words (on The End)

A friend of mine is coming home from Africa to help out in the Typhoon Yolanda relief efforts.  Her family has its roots in one of the hardest-hit provinces in Central Philippines.  I felt in the Force that it was only a matter of time that she’d finally decide to do that, since she’s already a humanitarian volunteer in her current country of residence.  From what I’ve come to know about her, she’s one who’s built to do that kind of thing — joining non-profits and cause-oriented groups that help out those in need.  I admire that in her, and those who do that kind of job.  Plus, she’s one of the top graduates of the public school we both came from.

(I hope my friend enjoyed reading that part since I gave her the link to this blog.)

Seriously speaking, do we always set out to leave a lasting imprint or a lasting memory with those who we come across with in our lives?  Maybe there are those who WANT greatness and use that as motivation to do the right thing.   Maybe there are those who unconsciously achieve success, as measured by their own reasonable standards, by consciously doing the right thing regardless of what happens to him or her.  I guess it would all depend on what kind of person one is.  In the end, there would always be an accounting of what a person did with the life he or she had.

I think politicians start off as the kind of person I described last but eventually end up as the first type of person I wrote about.  I guess those who want to do great things for other people should, at all cost, stay away from politics.

As for accounting of one’s deeds, I can only cringe at how Sen. Miriam and Sen. JPE recently went at it in the Philippine Senate.  It somehow gave off that Spy vs Spy of Mad Magazine vibe, but I’ll probably write about that in a different blog entry, or not.

I had previously read a passage, I forgot which one, on being judged by one’s works.  I guess my friend would be the kindhearted lady who shot straight in pool, had a decent smash in badminton and took her Red Horse beer with a straw.  She’s a badass in her own right.

(I’d better have great pasalubong after that one. Kidding)

My friend would probably send me a message later, telling me that I am an “adik.”  That word would probably sum up my person, someone addicted to living.  Could be an epitaph for a future gravestone if I don’t end up cremated.

It can read:

“Here lies Brian.  He was addicted to living.  After he died, he suffered a great withdrawal from it.”


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