Monday Morning Thought: It is All About Attitude

After a round of recharging on a Sunday I came upon an interesting question for myself, and possibly for other people out there: How will I act if I existed as an ant?

As an ant, would I:

* be content as a follower?  In a human context, just someone who mindlessly pushes a button to operate something.
* seen with the world as a backdrop, wallow in the fact that I am microscopic? I am just a static piece of the universe with no hope of have an effect on the world?
* rejoice in the fact that the world is big enough?  I can always think that this world is full of interesting sights, challenges, and possibly like-minded ants. From that point, those ants can set out to create something of value. After all, there is strength in numbers.
* be paranoid? I can play it safe, be overly anxious about the day when some giant finally gets to step on me and squish me to death.

It is all about attitude. It is all up to us how we take on this world. Whether you enjoy life as a trailblazer or as a couch potato, a fencesitter, it is all up to you.



  1. The ants I watch seem always to be running around bumping into each others behinds or sniffing out trails excreted by others. A few are explorer but they don’t live long if they happen to try to reach the sugar bowl. So, yes, there are lemming ants and risk-takers. Be happy your brain is bigger, you can negotiate between boredom and death a little better.

      1. Ah, yes, indeed. The powers of the mighty cranial machine that we let rot through sloth . . . (Incidentally, I’ve found that when storm ions are in the air, it is a good time to write . . . add that to the full moon and a glass of wine for energizing of the typing digits . . .”

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