President Aquino Needs to Sharpen His Ax and Use It

I wonder if President Aquino still reads the newspapers. If he did, he might lose more hair.

Bad week for the main man: DAP got shot down as “unconstitutional”; he had to open his mouth on the Nora Aunor issue using poor information; that “unverified” Davao terrorist threat. I mean, that’s three in a row. We’re not even talking about the high prices of garlic and rice.


The negative reports are just begging for follow-up reports on the following:

  1. State of affairs of Kris Aquino. There was a prelim last Sunday. I bet she’ll even be more relevant in the coming days. Anyway, she is a national treasure.
  2. Bitch slap ex-PGMA accomplishment report.  Suspended lawmaker CGMA? Perfect time to slap her silly. :evil laugh:
  3. Kick the butts of Bong and Jinggoy speech. Fresh meat for the PR grinder. :evil laugh:
  4. A possible report on the presidential dating scoreboard. Maybe it’ll be RC Cola getting a brand boost this time. I mean, Coke Zero needs a vacation. RC Free could mean, like, single and free to date around?
  5. There might as well be a hey-Corona-we-didn’t-forget-about-you news item. And ex-CJ Corona goes, “WTF. Ako na naman.”
  6. The economy-is-super-so-don’t-mind-high-prices-and-reality report. I mean, poverty and bad news won’t ever go away no matter how super a report is. Maybe they can trump this by legalizing marijuana instead.


Anyway, who the F gives the president terrible advice or information? Personally, I’d like to see the president hang this person publicly. How about a public beheading? Isn’t making the president look bad a bad and silly thing to do?

The benchmark is Prisco Nilo and his supposedly inaccurate weather predictions.


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