The Boogeyman is Coming in 2016

As a kid, I remember my elders telling me all about some monster that’ll grab me if I didn’t behave. Part of the recent 2014 Philippine SONA also resonated that message. It was clear that the president wants the next president to continue reforms. I don’t like the current president 100 percent of the time, but I agree with him on this one. The next president could be that monster under the bed. A friend of mine even said that it’s really boogeymen. Like, yari!

With voting habits in the Philippines deeply rooted in personalities and dynastic families, honestly, how can an average Filipino come up with a brilliant choice? There are political parties, but these are more like basketball clubs for these people. I can win with LP, I’ll just jump to LP or whatever party. Hasn’t that always been the case?

Sure, we have people we perceive as “good.” But these are all crafted images, what’s the foundation for these people other than the family name? We have families who saw it fit to make politics the only career choice for their members. Maybe some of them are better off as garbage collectors. They could be missing their true calling, you know?

What’s my beef with dynasties and known families? My argument is fairly simple: Why vote for the same family name? Are we lacking in talent and passion among other people? Just nominating your next-of-kin just cries, “I couldn’t develop a new leader among my constituency.” It’s like saying God gave them a swimming pool to catch all the genes of intellect He showered the world when He created it. I feel that a true leader inspires people to participate. A true leader inspires people to serve.

I guess I want to challenge political parties to get their acts together. We voters don’t want to look into the wilderness and expect for a miracle man to come out. Look beyond the obvious and look into good faith, good intentions, a real desire to serve the people and not a real desire for more power. Until that happens, we can all expect a potential monster to win an election.

In case you parties read this, this is my basic challenge:

1. Identify what you think worked with the current administration. How can you improve on it? And do make a public admission that you agree with some policies/ reforms/ gains. Disagreeing with everything just makes you look so narrow minded.

2. Identify what you think didn’t work with the current administration. If you think you can do a better job, float the solutions.

And please, if you can institutionalize social services without branding it as a family brand, so much the better.



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