In the News: Black Kettle Binays versus Black Pot Cayetanos

If you’re fond of conspiracy theories, you might think that there’s really a movement to get rid of presidential aspirants for 2016. In the first round, Sen. Bong Revilla is out of contention and is currently in jail for the PDAF scam, along with senators Enrile and Jinggoy Estrada. No matter, I won’t vote for these senators naman. Today, we have the Binays versus the Cayetanos. Is this part of the plot or story where the leftovers will finish themselves off?

Aw, bro hugs! (photo from

 VP Jejomar Binay constantly tops surveys on who’s most likely to be president in 2016. Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, on the other hand, is way behind in the same surveys. Both of them top my list of the people I won’t vote for in any election. 

Anyway, back to the twists and turns of a public service telenovela that could serve as inspiration to George R.R. Martin’s future books. The Binays, the first family of the kingdom of Makati, are getting hit for an allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall 2. Senator Trillanes, another man I will not ever vote for, even wanted to call the VP to a senate hearing. Never mind that it really should be the son, Mayor Junjun, to answer any questions related to that. It’s already his show. Come hearing day, everything came out–even the allegedly overpriced cakes. Like, wow. Have the Binays really reached that point that even their giveaways are overpriced? And there’s really an elevator inside Mayor Junjun’s house? Holy crap! The drama! Imagine all the intense emotions that the people must have felt with those revelations. I almost fell off my chair (laughing) when I saw the cakes in the news. Like, wtf. 

I guess it’s a case of one good deed deserves another. Yesterday, I saw that some lawyer filed a graft and corruption case against the Cayetanos– Sen. Alan Peter and his wife, who’s the mayor of Taguig CIty. Their case involves the senator’s pork barrel funds and the multicabs (little utility vehicles) bought by the local government. I wonder. If ever they will call a senate hearing for that, will they bring one of the tiny multicabs with the mayor’s name inside the senate halls? That’ll be a sight to behold. Imagine if they bought elephants instead of multicabs. Now, imagine an elephant inside the senate. 

In my small mind, these cases, can’t they just pile all the evidence at the Ombudsman’s office and skip the drama in the senate?  These hearings usually become vehicles for politicians to show off or grandstand. 

So, will opponents kill each other off? Kettles versus Pots. Which one are you going to bet on? 



  1. I watched a little of the “parking garage” hearing and viewed it as pretty much the way most hearings are played out in the U.S., along stark political lines. Senators Trillanes and Cayetano were clearly running for president at the Binay dynasty’s expense. The Binay/Cayetano battle has been going on for some time as Makati and Taguig battle for claim to land. I personally think Makati is like China, big and powerful, and Taguig is the land beyond. But Cayetano is being capably irritating to the smug Binay clan.

    I don’t know who to bet on, frankly. Probably Binay, although that would be like betting for San Antonio above my (woeful) Lakers. I think bigger forces and money will eventually push Cayetano aside. I don’t think Trillanes is so easily shoved. He can do dirty tricks well. But Mr. Binay is a force played out through interpersonal relationships, not the press.

    1. Hey, Uncle Joe.

      Interesting. Makati is China. I remember the Binay-Cayetano clash over a barangay at the BGC. And yes, I do think this parking garage is a convenient issue to go up on points courtesy of the Binays. I mean, no one’s really taken the Binays to this level of questioning. They’ve no choice but to attend that senate hearing; a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      I also think Binays will outlast the Cayetanos. Imagine if the old Binay does win the presidency in 2016, will they (he and the senator) become instant BFFs?

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