It’s Hard to be a Pair of Balls (Probably someone’s story at work)

Alarm goes off. You look for the phone or alarm clock. Snooze for about 5 more minutes.

You wake up.


Be the bouncy one in the office.

You have coffee and some breakfast.

You take a shower.

Leave for work.

Work. Excel. Survive.

Go home. Go home with huge sense of accomplishment. Tell yourself, “I am the greatest.” Puff yourself up for the next round.

That could be daily routine for the high flying top performers at work. But there’s more to that.

It’s hard staying at the top of your game all of the time. Why? Unless you hold the power in the office, you’ll be just like a pair of balls. Yes, the kind that’s in a sack that dangles between human legs. No matter how big you are, ultimately, you’ll be squeezed by some other person or situation. It is not always that pretty, like being squished between a sweaty pair of big legs.




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