About brianitus

Here’s a short bio:

Made in October.  Born in July.

Made by a man and a woman back in the 70s.  He, like a magazine with multiple issues, and she, like a book you read from cover to cover.  Que…queso!

For the lactose intolerant, that’s me.  I did some blogging before and ended up with cheesy portrayals of God-knows-what.  I tried writing poetry but ended up with haiku hybrids with the scent of brie.  I did those before and so now I say, “No More Cheese.”

Oh, I do like reading about humor, politics, humor & politics, politics and humor — both are favorite Philippine topics and are almost synonymous.

Seriously, brianitus is your average Juan in the PI.  He is fond of reading stories on marketing and advertising.  Brianitus also loves observing people and how they act.  He’s also a great fan of music.  He’s a marketeer during the day and tries to write on a freelance basis whenever he has the time or need for it.

More on why I blog here.

Get in touch?  brianitusisamonkey@gmail.com


  1. uhhh…i don’t really consider sleeping to be an activity 😛 and depression IS a powerful tool…at least when it comes to my writing. come to think of it, i’ve never actually tried writing while asleep…i’ll letcha know how it goes if and when i do get to that 😛 wahaahahah!!

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