Mobile Shorts

Stalking is Your Day Job (You’re Good at it, too)

If you are actively online (on social networking sites), then it is a resounding “Yes, your day job is stalking.”

Seriously, who does not sneak in a few views on Facebook and Twitter while they are in their offices or at home working? With the convenience of social media, and location tagging, everyone is an instant stalker. Compare that to the dedicated stalkers of an age when stalkers literally stalked their targets, today’s stalker could be at home, scratching his ass, or in the office, stealing a glance away from a spreadsheet.


On Sundays

On the seventh day God decided to take his break.  After that, it pretty much became automatic for the rest of the world. I think most people really decide to slow down every Sunday.  Depending on what one practices, a typical Sunday would be church followed by a great family lunch, a little bit of chores.  Evenings would be capped off with a great family dinner, sometimes with an optional trip to the movie theater for another round of bonding. There’s optional dessert and a mandatory blood sugar test the following Monday.

I really appreciate weekends since it is the time when my taste buds take a break from my cooking; everything my wife decides to cook become heavenly tasting. On Sundays, I sometimes take a break from taking a break and just play around with ingredients in the kitchen. Sundays are a time for experimentation on culinary delights that are not too complicated, just simple and clean flavors. It is the time when I test drive a recipe and make my family hostages guinea pigs around the table. The important thing for me is that everyone is present, from the wife, the kids, and even the two stray cats.

Sundays are a best reserved for recharging oneself.  It is that day when you can brush a lot of things off from your stress-filled plate.  To do otherwise is simply counterproductive. 

Everybody deserves a blissful Sunday.

Rubber Bands, Relationships and Loving Thyself

A friend of mine mentioned to me that he had been encountering some relationship issues.  He said that he feels that that partnership is almost stretched like a rubber band near its breaking point.  I only hope that he and his partner snap back to normal, instead of hurtling towards opposite directions, much like in a tug-of-war with the rope breaking in the middle.

My general advice on making decisions — don’t make any hasty decisions while you are in an emotionally charged state or running on an empty stomach.  The “or” part comes in handy during trips to the supermarket.

Another friend mentioned to me that a person should learn to love oneself, as well, to be more effective in a relationship.  Yeah, I think a firm appreciation of the “self” tends to make one less needy of the other person.  Imagine the lunacy of having another person “completing” the other.  So, what happens when one isn’t intimately with another person?  Does that mean one is condemned to eternal misery?

Well, to that I say blessed are the narcissists.  And to that I say, blessed are narcissists with split personalities for they can have affairs with themselves.  And to that I say, blessed are the narcissistic human contortionists with split personalities for they can reach those spots no one would dare think of reaching.

And to that, my friend said she’ll practice more yoga.


Boring is being monotonous, at a constant. With that in mind, I declare myself officially as a boring person.


Some people think I am funny most of the time. Some people think I actually make sense most of the time. Some people also think that it doesn’t hurt their eyes to look at me more often than usual (blame it on poor taste).

I can’t be anything else but the stuff I said above. I’m boring.

I’m also very very hungry.