Musical Musings

There’s nothing like listening to some Ludwig van…Alex DeLarge, get out of my head.

An Argument for a Philippine Mega Bomb for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Pinoys love a show and there’s no better evidence than our annual war zone celebration — New Year’s Eve!  Every year, we get to have loud bangs from firecrackers, mixed in with a bit of added gunfire to fill the evening.  Mix that in with a sprinkling of alcohol induced stupidity and we have a superb deadly party!

Gunfire, stray bullets killing people.  I guess gravity is one of the less than well-received lessons in school for some people.  Appealing to these dumbasses won’t do much.  They can’t even appreciate gravity and accept the fact that there’s no handgun, yet, that can propel a bullet to reach escape velocity.  As of this writing, I think there are already some victims of stray bullets coming from indiscriminate discharging of firearms into the air.  Last year, some kids died from those stray bullets.  I pray that the dudes who fired those weapons last year won’t fire their guns again this coming December 31st.  If they do fire those things, I hope they won’t hit anyone this time.

Firecrackers, loud noises and bangs, that’s a from a borrowed Chinese tradition of scaring away evil spirits.  Less evil spirits, less bad luck,  But hey, when people accidentally die from these explosives, aren’t we adding to the restless spirits that roam the night?  That’s if you believe in restless spirits.  I am sure dogs and cats won’t appreciate the explosions, though.  And one more thing, with all explosives we’ve set off over the years, I think the evil spirits have already circumnavigated the globe and are actually on their on their way back here.  So, good luck with that.

Just a quickie thought, why don’t we just invest in a giant bomb to drop like the New Year’s Ball in New York?  That way, we meet the quota of dead people and loud noises in one mega drop.  That’s the ka-boom we’ll remember for one year.

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Heard and Overheard


Man 1:  Mrrgghh, marrm, murrrggh

Some ears just pick up too much

Man 2:  Uh-huh, margggh

Mar 1:  Mrrggh, wurrrg

Man 2:  Uh-huh, uh-huh

Man 1:  Pare, you want some porkchop?

Overheard.  Two men talking with their mouths full over lunch.  Ew…and they understood each other perfectly.  How’s that for knowing each other well?


(cue in guitar music)

Did I hear that correctly?

Male singer:  “And He said, “Cast your burdens upon Me those who are heavily laden…

Come to Me, all of you who are CHILD of carrying heavy loads,

For the yoke I will give you is easy and My burden is light
Come to Me and I will give you rest.”

Heard.  Blind street musician singing the wrong lyrics to a great song.  If I wasn’t in so much of a hurry, I would’ve given the guy the correct lyrics.

(note:  the street musician was singing Basil Valdez’ “Lift Up Your Hands”)

Work-in-Progress on Seeing What I am Hearing: A music video playlist

Thanks to the numerous video uploads from users on sites such as youtube and dailymotion, one can now find almost all of the videos of their favorite artists online.  Today, even if you can’t find the original music videos, there are fan-crafted videos that can go well with the music.

For today’s exercise, I decided to go with transforming my current iPod playlist into a video playlist.  How will my list look?  Just linking up a few songs to this blog entry…I’ll add to the list as the days go on.

1.  Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth” (video found on user droogirico on dailymotion)

2.  Metric’s “Grow up and Blow Away” (video found on page of user Sainji on dailymotion)

3.  Beck’s “E-Pro” (video found on youtube on this page)

4.  The Strokes “I Can’t Win” (video found on youtube on this page)

5.  Hard-Fi’s “Living for the Weekend” (video found on myspace on this page)

…and this video can’t seem to pop-up here, thus, killing the entire experiment.

Wait…Here’s a user-generated music video for the song (found on user block10 on youtube).

More to follow as the days go on.  After all, it is work in progress.

Start Your Day Right with the Right Music

Mornings are usually…well, slow.  It’s very rare that we jump out of bed full of energy like a convict rushing to escape a prison.  Normally, I start my day off with a great cup of coffee and some breakfast – if I have enough time, that is.

Starting up really commences as soon as you hit the shower, you start clearing your mind for the day ahead.  You start thinking either “Same sh#t, different day” or “I am king of the world.”  Once you are dressed for work there is no turning back.  You either bomb during the day or win big time.

Assuming that I want to psych myself up in the morning, I usually perk me up with some music on my way to work.  Since I just take public transportation to and from the office, I have the liberty of using my music player while traveling.  With my in-ear device blocking out the external world, I get to focus on my day ahead with the additional benefit of altering my mood with music.

Just for today, I shuffled tunes on the old iPod for my short trip to the office.  My list included (not in order):

  • The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
  • Digitalism – Zdarlight
  • Stardust – Music Sounds Better with You
  • Hard-Fi – Living for the Weekend
  • Echo and the Bunnymen – Bedbugs and Ballyhoo

However, if I have a need for a speedy boost, I usually go with songs like these:

  • Incubus – Anna Molly
  • Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4
  • Modest Mouse – Float On
  • The Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  • Jay-Z – Can I Get A…
  • Eric Clapton – Change the World
  • Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Next time, I think I’ll list down the stuff I listen to at the end of the day.

Chemical Friday, High Saturday

I zigzagged around town on a Friday night, again.  What’s with Friday anyway?  The urge to go out goes up to higher level as if there won’t be a new week to come up.  One thing is sure, every time I take a sip of God’s fantastic gift to man,  the substance that I call beer, my worries seemed to vanish into thin air.  Rightly so, I read a fantastic quote before that said, “Beer is proof that God loves us” or something to that effect.

The influx of chemicals into a man’s body brings about different effects.  I do agree with the effects I get – a chemical-induced high.  Just as long as I don’t have too much, I am okay the following day – like today.  Last night’s 8 bottles was certainly no big deal.

Today, I started my day with my usual nice uphill climb on my way to work .  I stuffed my ear buds in started playing music.  To invigorate myself, I picked The Chemical Brothers to start my day – “Star Guitar” was truly a righteous choice.  It was only fitting as I also work for a chemical company.  As the bass beats thumped into my auditory canals, I got myself into a dancing mood.  I then followed it up with “Halcyon” from Chicane and then with Daft Punk’s “Around the World.”  Music can give one a high if played at the right time to fuel a particular moment.

Now that I have my happy mood back on, Saturday night is looking pretty bright.