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Monday Morning Thought: It is All About Attitude

After a round of recharging on a Sunday I came upon an interesting question for myself, and possibly for other people out there: How will I act if I existed as an ant?

As an ant, would I:

* be content as a follower?  In a human context, just someone who mindlessly pushes a button to operate something.
* seen with the world as a backdrop, wallow in the fact that I am microscopic? I am just a static piece of the universe with no hope of have an effect on the world?
* rejoice in the fact that the world is big enough?  I can always think that this world is full of interesting sights, challenges, and possibly like-minded ants. From that point, those ants can set out to create something of value. After all, there is strength in numbers.
* be paranoid? I can play it safe, be overly anxious about the day when some giant finally gets to step on me and squish me to death.

It is all about attitude. It is all up to us how we take on this world. Whether you enjoy life as a trailblazer or as a couch potato, a fencesitter, it is all up to you.


Heads Up!

A strange thing happened this evening.  People suddenly took a pause to admire the moon and its halo.  The usual stream of what-I-had-for-dinner photos and selfies got bumped off by the nearest celestial body.  According to scientists and the Philippine weather service (PAGASA), the halo is from the reflection of light from the ice crystals in the air, or something to that effect.  In olden days, some would just say that the lunar light show is an omen, a sign of bad things to come.  I’ll take the positive awe over the negative “hell, no.”

and it shines like a living hymn (image via

The moon sure has enough stopping power, either when it’s a big bright Full Moon, which I howl at, or when there is a unique phenomenon that occurs with it.  I’m sure glad that nature can still shut people up with a freebie beauty show treat rather than shutting them up with a fear-inducing display of power courtesy of storms and quakes.  Nature gave us a free show.  Great!

Tonight’s show, I’ll take it as a reminder of how small we really are in this world.  It could also be a reminder of how some things are beautiful by default.  It also serves up the question:  Why do people always have to complicate things when there is beauty in simplicity?  That’s a question best answered over a few rounds of…something meant for a different writeup.

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Self-deprecating Whatever

It’s simply amazing for me. I’ve found myself exercising, ROUTINELY, every day for the past week. I start my day with it and sometimes end the day with lifting of light weights, as in San Miguel Light Beer weights. In some circles, it can be called a round of GULP, which is not as boring as a round of golf.

Seriously, the rush of endorphins — the happy hormone — makes me feel good about myself. I’ve come to love and appreciate my nice rotund shape. Yes, I am in shape. Round is a shape, isn’t it?

My eternal obsession with having six-pack abs is finally yielding results.  I just need a liposuction job to get rid of the fat and finally uncover my great abdominal muscles. I’ll do that after I get cast in the other sequel of movie “300.” It’ll be called “600” and it features the heavier Spartans who couldn’t catch up with the rest of the team that died in the Hot Gates.

Fine.  I’ll admit it.  It’s just my stupid beer gut that I am dying to get rid of.  If one looks like a potbellied pig walking on two legs, like out of Animal Farm, I’m sure one is bound to obsess with it as well.

In related thinking, I think I ought to home brew my own beer and brand it “Abs.” It’ll be easier to get a six pack that way.

Sheesh. That’s me trying to be funny. I probably owe it to a friend’s friend who remarked that I looked like one of those popular funny persons in media today. In my mind, if I look funny by default, I might as well try to be funny.

Oh, well. Dying is easy.  Back to serious thinking.

On Frogs and Princesses (and Piggies)

I remember watching a lot of Sesame Street as a kid,  “This is Kermit the Frog for Sesame Street news.”  I also remember him pairing up with the very much empowered Miss Piggy.  Boy, they certainly made a wonderful couple back then.  I wonder how they are doing now, imagine that, a meaty pig and a rather frail frog.  I haven’t been watching the Muppets and Sesame Street for quite some time now.

I wonder if frogs, and their metaphorical counterparts, can only get action onscreen and in fantasy?

The other day, I had a conversation with a friend about frogs and their role in fairy tales.  Frogs are possessive SOBs, if you ask me.  Like, how many stories are there with the frogs turning into a prince? One, right?  I think frogs aren’t portrayed favorably in the rest of the stories.  In Thumbelina, the frog even wanted to keep the protagonist for himself, or was it for a fellow frog? I don’t remember.  Then again, I don’t remember the rest of the stories with frogs in them.

Nonetheless, let us take up the cause for frogs and why they should be given a fair chance by the possessive/ dominant female:

1.  Frogs, well, they’re pretty low maintenance.  They eat flies, right?

Stuffed frogs

From the Graveyard of Frogs Failing to Launch (Stuffed frogs (Photo credit: Wikipedia))

2.  Frogs, they will not complain — even with intense nagging.  They basically don’t have ears.  Well, even if they did, I am not sure if they would understand what nagging is, either.

3.  Frogs, despite the slimy appearance, are quite fragile.  If the dominant female finally decides to get rid of him, she can simply crush him to bits.

4.  Frogs, although low probability, might actually turn out to be rich and into a prince from all the kissing. So, stay on it, ladies.  I mean, if you’re desperate enough.

5.  And yeah, you might love the tongue action. =P rrrrribbbbit!

Inaction Sucks

I find it sad whenever people fall into the trap of inaction, inability, just plain hopelessness.  That’s even heightened into being thought of as disturbing once you see that there are resources around.  A little thinking out of the box might help, one cliche too many.  It’s even more disturbing whenever motivation is misconstrued as something else.  Closed to new ideas, people will simply fall even deeper into their traps of depression.  People who take their positive outlook to full fruition will always win in terms of attractiveness.

People might get tired of slugging it out with their demons.  However, they should realize that no one will do it for them.  People around them might give a friendly push from time to time.  They should take the energy from that push and heave off into virgin territories unoccupied by what bothers them.