Killing “Urgent”

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I have the perfect formula to get everything marked as URGENT.

It is really quite simple: Forget everything you are supposed to do, at least temporarily. Procrastinate and wait for all the reminders that your time is really limited. Just to be sure, start really late with your tasks.

I have the perfect formula to deal with everything marked as URGENT.

It is really quite simple. Don’t forget everything you are supposed to, not even temporarily. Do not procrastinate and wait for all the reminders that your time is really limited. To be sure, start early. Come in when everybody else isn’t around yet.

Yes, that way, if something urgent lands on your desk, arrives as email, or via carrier pigeon, or via express squawking, nagging boss, you would actually have time to deal with it.




The Trouble with Words is…

…once  they leave your mouth, there is no real retraction. Once you click on send, your words end up being read (or ignored). Most often, words behave like homing pigeons, or worse, they behave like missiles that home in on (un)intended targets either bringing an explosion of laughter or numbing sadness.

Yes, messages can be misunderstood and can even be fatal.

Because I Couldn’t Figure Out What to Write

I think it was last week when a very dear friend/former co-worker, sent me a message on Facebook. She said, “Master, when are you going to update your blog? The last one is so old already.” In case you’re wondering, she fondly calls me “Master” as a way not to call me “Sir.”  I did insist before that she call me by my first name which was totally cool by me even if I outranked her. Filipinos are super polite and respectful and strictly abide by that. So, I said that if she’ll insist on calling me “Sir”–I am certainly no knight–she might as well just call me “Master.” Just don’t ask me on what I am a master of.  In some circles, I can be a master of bad timing, disasters, and other nasty stuff. Anyway, this matter has no bearing on how the rest of this post goes.

So, what have I been up to since I took a break from updating this address on the internet? Well, I’ve been reading other blogs, stalking people on Facebook, and watching the news, and vice versa. In a way, I can figure that as something like an observation field trip–a so-what’s-going-on-in-the-world kind of thing. I hate to imagine that cyberspace is an actual representation of how people are in real life. If I look at Facebook, I might surmise that most of my friends are either adventurers, geniuses, yoga masters, potheads, philosophers, judgmental pricks and narcissists, or all of that rolled into one person. I mean, no matter what they do online or offline, it’s totally okay with me.  Just as long as they aren’t damn cheats.

Other than Facebook, of course there are online communities/ bloggers of like-minded thinking. In general, I can just group them into: fun communities, groups of open-minded progressives, groups of closed pseudo-intellects pushing agendas, and marketers. It’s great that people can seek out people that they feel are so much like them. That’s totally okay with the fun stuff and learning about new products. On the serious side of things, I mean, if one isn’t careful or one isn’t too critical about what he or she reads, one might end up supporting a cult, an extremist faction, and whatever radically extreme food and health movement. I say that any trip should be to broaden the view not tighten the noose of confirmation bias. Fun, I guess that’s what I am aiming at. Fun in the general sense that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. I mean, just imagine having fun without hurting other people; the world will certainly be a better place.

Openness, broaden your views, explore; I found those reading recipe books. I mean, now I have an odd curiosity to make donuts and ice cream. At least those are things in mind other than my home made sausages. I always thought of cooking at home as a means to relax. But deep down in the core, I feel that it’s something else. I think a friend of mine just answered that for me. He mentioned something about the need to create, like, it’s who we are. That just hit the spot. And that is what brought me here today to hammer out a few words on my keyboard. Well, I’m not exactly a literary genius, but doing this helps me figure out how to bring out thoughts and ideas that will otherwise pester me for some time. It’s a desire to express something. One might ask: “But what has that got to do with home cooking?” Well, it’s transforming something raw into something edible and filling, something that nourishes my loved ones. It’s a joy this person cherishes a lot.

Create something of value. It might be for you or for some other people. The joy is in making it and seeing it come to life.

Clicking on publish.   

Just Saying

I’ve noticed the recent spike in the use of hateful words online.  You can blame that on what’s been happening in the country.  Yes, there was the Zamboanga siege, the Bohol earthquake, the PDAF scam, and Typhoon Yolanda’s aftermath.  On my feed in Facebook, I can always spot strongly worded comments in the news related items.  Online, people fashion themselves as experts, even with limited information in their hands.  I don’t blame the people for being angry at everything that blows up as something wrong or a scandal in the country.  They have every right to be.  However, I noticed that even propaganda pieces end up as truth for some people.  These just add to the confusion and hate. 

The internet could be a number of things to a number of people. From my point of view, I can just look at it as a portal of knowledge and a vessel of emotions.  While I would ideally want that people should focus on the knowledge aspect, one cannot ignore the fact that people sometimes get “editorialized” versions of information.  People are predisposed to make an opinion on almost anything, even using wrong information as basis.  Here in the Philippines, ranked as a leading user of social media and where TV gossip shows rule time slots, having internet freedom is almost like giving everyone a gun to shoot everybody else.    People should have to at least digest the information first and not just stop at reading the headlines before they shoot their mouths off online.

In my very humble opinion, if you pass information that could lead to more confusion during times of crisis, do have second thoughts about it.

Just saying.

On Frogs and Princesses (and Piggies)

I remember watching a lot of Sesame Street as a kid,  “This is Kermit the Frog for Sesame Street news.”  I also remember him pairing up with the very much empowered Miss Piggy.  Boy, they certainly made a wonderful couple back then.  I wonder how they are doing now, imagine that, a meaty pig and a rather frail frog.  I haven’t been watching the Muppets and Sesame Street for quite some time now.

I wonder if frogs, and their metaphorical counterparts, can only get action onscreen and in fantasy?

The other day, I had a conversation with a friend about frogs and their role in fairy tales.  Frogs are possessive SOBs, if you ask me.  Like, how many stories are there with the frogs turning into a prince? One, right?  I think frogs aren’t portrayed favorably in the rest of the stories.  In Thumbelina, the frog even wanted to keep the protagonist for himself, or was it for a fellow frog? I don’t remember.  Then again, I don’t remember the rest of the stories with frogs in them.

Nonetheless, let us take up the cause for frogs and why they should be given a fair chance by the possessive/ dominant female:

1.  Frogs, well, they’re pretty low maintenance.  They eat flies, right?

Stuffed frogs

From the Graveyard of Frogs Failing to Launch (Stuffed frogs (Photo credit: Wikipedia))

2.  Frogs, they will not complain — even with intense nagging.  They basically don’t have ears.  Well, even if they did, I am not sure if they would understand what nagging is, either.

3.  Frogs, despite the slimy appearance, are quite fragile.  If the dominant female finally decides to get rid of him, she can simply crush him to bits.

4.  Frogs, although low probability, might actually turn out to be rich and into a prince from all the kissing. So, stay on it, ladies.  I mean, if you’re desperate enough.

5.  And yeah, you might love the tongue action. =P rrrrribbbbit!