Bitter Psycho

I’ve been noticing that I’ve been taking my coffee black with increasing frequency; sugarless bitter goodness for me.

Made me recall an article or a meme I once saw on Facebook. It stated that people that prefer black coffee have psychopathic traits in them. Hmm, a psychopath is:

Enough about that.

I have not had the chance to enjoy staring blankly at anything for a long time. I do it now while enjoying the bitter goodness of my drink. Savoring the moment and capturing it in black and white. Nothing here but me and my thoughts and the traffic beyond. Practicing to drown out the noise.

Ghost Stories?

Maybe it should have been called, “The Day I was So High,” I said to my longtime friend and fraternity brother. I haven’t seen him since 2 decades ago and only keep up with him via Facebook. I saw him post a screenshot of himself in a tiny frame of a TV show that featured ghost stories as narrated by those that experienced them.

I’m no expert on ghosts but I’ve gotten freaked out on some occasions and have had my hairs stand on end.


Aside from the traditional horror genre definition, ghosts can be the manifestation of memories and what-ifs that never were that come back to haunt us.

Start, Middle and End (KBL)

KBL – this time, not the political party, but more of Kasal, Binyag, Libing. For the highlights of my previous week, I will tweak it to kasal, birthday at living. Over the course of three days, I celebrated a birthday with a family member past a quarter of average life expectancy, followed by a wedding, and then paid my respects to the dead.


Talk about a complete life cycle in one week. As in a previous entry, the process cycle continues as we move toward our inevitable termination. Birth, maturity, and death as our own bodies decay.

Thought Parking Lot…again.

I used to update this blog regularly with whatever idea or thought stream was bugging me. It seems like a perfect time now; my brain feels like it’s ready to go on strike.

On the news:

Yes. It is election season again. I expect all sorts of posts on social media promoting personalities to continuously pop up on newsfeeds. One can note that this year is another test for this country– a memory test.

I see more than one name with doubtful reputations. Seriously, this country needs some screening. Can we screen them like they were applying for a job?

Thieves vs Politicians (the difference):

When thieves get caught, by a mob of angry people or by the police, they get the crap beat out of them. Once locked up, the wheels of justice slowly turn. Too bad they are not politicians. A degree, charisma and public exposure is what they should all aspire for.

When politicians get caught, or even sentenced, their fans take the role that their lawyers cannot do — make an ass out of themselves without getting paid. Their appeals go beyond what the courts can offer. It is funny how the same people that question existing court rulings are almost the same people wanting a return of the death penalty (good luck with that).


Working from home is still a challenge. Difficult to quit when you do not have to travel back from work. The chance to disengage is lower (but still not enough to make me miss bad traffic). You carry work thoughts all the way to bed.


I opened the Facebook app yesterday and the first thing I saw was:

  1. A friend/ colleague mourning the loss of a close relative

It was quickly followed by a:

  1. A friend/ colleague mourning the loss of a close relative

And it was quickly followed by:

  1. A friend/ colleague mourning the loss of a close relative

The next post I saw on the feed was…

  1. A friend/ colleague mourning the loss of a close relative

Algorithm or is it just more people are dying?