WFH Journal #1

Hi, Computer!

I want to punch you until you die. Nothing personal. But there’s no getting back from that mess.

Let’s just stay civil. Alright with you? Let’s do something spectacular today.



Wake up. Get out of bed. Drag a comb across my head. Find my way downstairs and have a cup. Looking up, I won’t ever be late.

The thin line will keep getting thinner. In exchange, the wallet will get fatter.

As a fellow blip or a dot in the system or a series, like in an ellipsis, there is no other choice but to end up as a part of a sentence that is often forgotten as one reads through and skips through the next sentence or paragraph. As little as it may be, that dot would still leave that sign that something has ended or a train of thought made an exit through a tunnel. The dot or the period makes no fuss on how it will be remembered. It won’t be like a comma, waiting for a press of delete on an incomplete idea. That dot will just be there for reference and finality. It may not be noticed all of the time but it certainly won’t be insignificant.

Coping in the Virtual Office

I miss the office coffee machine. I miss the push button and voila, espresso for moi.

I don’t miss the printer and the scanner. I only remember scanning receipts and printing expense reports for hard copy reference. I no go out now. No receipts now. No expenses to report now.

I don’t miss the computer (or notebook). I bring it with me almost all of the time — just not inside the bathroom.

I don’t miss cigarette breaks at the designated smoking area that’s almost a kilometer away. Now I can smoke while I work — while I write — like my old Korean boss who smoked like a chimney inside a press room.

I don’t miss eating out on lunch breaks and trying to figure out what to have because I was so busy trying to get to lunchtime.

I don’t miss Monday morning traffic. I don’t miss Tuesday traffic, either. I don’t miss traffic. Period.

I don’t miss Casual Fridays. Now it’s just Semi-Casual Everyday.  Just don’t the let the nosehairs out on virtual meetings.

I don’t miss face to face meetings that require me to sit an entire day inside a conference room. I don’t miss meetings. I have a calendar full of them.

I don’t miss recycled air of the a/c unit that’s set to arctic mode, like we are all set for another ice age.

I don’t miss trying to hold in a fart while I am sitting down trying to look calm while doing a workbook. Now I just let it go and let the air decide where it flows.


Hello, Blog!

Dropping by to say hi to you, dear old blog. It’s definitely been more than a year since I hit the keyboard and neatly placed words for my benefit. Yes, I admit that the last time I was here wasn’t to tickle your belly and make you burst out in solid laughter. Sorry. I hope you forgive me. Yes. The same is true for the other times I was here before.

So, what’s up? Aside from my blood pressure and the usual clouds, nothing much. I’ve been busy with work. You know how it is — start something new, focus, forget everything else. The good thing is despite the trouble with quarantine, I still get to work from home. Everything’s good for now. Did I say that it’s good that you’re still here? And yes, of course, I forgot my password. I forgot my password. That seems to be the case for me lately– forgetting and zoning out. Not going out at all. Forgetting people. Zoning out.

Anyway, see you soon!