Physical Pfftness

My attempts to look and feel fit

While everyone else is running, I am walking

Thanks to some social network / social media savvy runner, everyone else is running these days.  I am getting sick of all the fun run photos posted on the net.  Great!  You guys have the time to run, I don’t.  STFU already!  KIDDING!

The truth is I envy the regular runners and their pictures that I see on Facebook.  I’ve even seen a dramatic size change on one friend and that should be enough to advocate the benefits of running.  However, I don’t think the activity is not for everyone — that includes me.  Seriously, with my busy schedule, I don’t think I can devote a lot of time for running.  Plus, I feel that I need to build up my resistance first before I try running.  In my mind, I should condition my body, then I run.  LOL.  Am I full of excuses or what? (more…)